Crystal Eye Pillow
Crystal Eye Pillow
Crystal Eye Pillow
Crystal Eye Pillow

Crystal Eye Pillow

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natural organic material
therapeutic tool
hot or cold


Radiating purple like the crown chakra.

Enhance meditation or rest by basking in the subtle pressure of this oversized smooth silk eye pillow. With amethyst gemstones mixed inside, they are said to remove negative thoughts and purify the mind.

Also filled with organic wheat berry and lavender, heat or leave at room temperature to take in the soothing properties of this aroma as you breathe deep inhales and exhales before bed, during yoga or after screen time.

Purify, rest, restore and heal.

Rose Quartz

Pure of heart with an abundance of love.

Allow your body and mind to be consumed in relaxation and calm. As you place this oversized smooth silk pillow over your eyes, see if you can begin to experience the love, compassion, openness and peacefulness said to be brought about by the rose quartz gemstones inside.

Take deep inhales and exhales while you use this tool at room temperature or heated. Close your eyes and become enveloped in the calming aroma of the lavender mixture inside. The perfect way to reset and restore, or finish the day.

A note for my eye pillow: “ I love you”.

Cover: 100% Silk Casing: 100% Organic Cotton Filling: 84% Wholegrain 15% Natural Crystals 1% Lavender